The Making of MĀK

Born out of a desire to document healing traditions for my daughter, My Ancestral Kitchen seeks to demystify healing by centering the kitchen as the ancestral and current control panel for all healing. In this space, we encourage you to experience our blends as a gateway into learning more about healing and your family's healing traditions. MĀK Apothecary seeks to connect with you through tea, stories and moments.

About the founder

Curator, conceptual artist and poet Mēlani N. Douglass is the founder of the award-winning Family Arts Museum - a migratory institution focused on the celebration of family as fine art, home as curated space, and community as gallery. Inspired by the birth of her daughter, Mēlani started her own museum, reimagined her studio practice, and refined her innovative approach to community engagement, audience development, and exhibition design. Mēlani anchors her work in the understanding that we are the answers and the medicine we seek. Solutions are encoded in our dna and through ritual, our “ancestral technology” - a phrase coined as a part of her graduate work - is revealed.

Mēlani actively works to reveal this technology through her art practice, parenting and every day life.

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